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Creating some space.
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Creating some space.
This area of my web site is dedicated to providing you updates on what's going on in my life. Check out the archive for my older blogs. Each blog stays up only one week.

Week of August 20, 2007
I finally made it out to Albuquerque this past weekend to visit Bob (name changed). How sad that a weekend that a weekend that started off with so much potential ended so badly.

I guess I should not have been too surprised. Our conversations, which had previously been quite good, had become rather burdensome for me. Whereas, the words flowed between the two of us, I had begun to feel like I was doing all of the work to prop up our verbal exchanges.

I got a lukewarm hug when I greeted him just outside of baggage claim; the amount of warmth toward me continued to drop all weekend. By the time I exited on Sunday, temperatures were positively frigid. On Saturday day, we went to dinner and a movie. Bob read a paper during dinner and shifted his body away from me at the movies.

On Sunday, I had Bob drop me off at the airport three hours early; I wanted to escape the tedium of our interaction that badly. I gave him a handshake goodbye and had to restrain myself from skipping inside, so great was my glee in escaping what had been a painfully boring weekend.

The last laugh was on me. There were no other open flights from Albuquerque to my airport so I ended up having to sit for three hours anyway. I must say, though, that I infinitely preferred people watching to watching Bob squirm his way through our weekend.

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Creating some space.

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