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Creating some space.

This area of my web site is dedicated to providing you with the travel tips I have "acquired" through by various business and personal trips.

Explore the links under Places I've Been to find out what's worth seeing in some of the cities I have spent time in.

Obviously all of the links are not active. As fun as working on my web page is, I do have a "real job". Even though I've been to all of these places, I have not found the time to write about them. I'll update this page as my work and social schedule permit.

All opinions stated are strictly my personal opinion, and should not be viewed as legal counsel or advice.

General Travel Tips
Plan Ahead
'Tis the Season to Travel
Purchasing a Plane Ticket
Selecting Your Luggage
Lock It
Anti-Pickpocket Measures
Learning the Lingo
To Tour or Not to Tour
Secure Your Passport

Places I've Been
Austin, Texas
Calgary, Alberta
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Detroit, Michigan
District of Columbia
Freeport, Bahamas
Los Angeles, California
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Paris, France

Creating some space.

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