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Week of July 31, 2006
I flew up to Northern California this weekend to attend the wedding of a friend of mine from college. The wedding took place at the Rancho Solano Clubhouse in Fairfield. True to form, I got completely lost thanks to completely inaccurate directions from Yahoo! Maps.

I was born without a sense of direction, and a lifetime spent getting lost means I know to leave early enough to allow time for traffic and for getting lost in order to arrive somewhere on time.

Nkenge’s weddding was a lovely, intimate affair. My mother would have loved it as the colors were purple and white.

The bridesmaids dresses were quite gorgeous. Like the wedding of my friends Dena and Medina, the bridesmaids dresses were a design that made them useful beyond wedding attire. Plus, the design and color of the dresses were just great.

My cousin, Traci, also had lovely bridesmaid dresses. I should know; I wore one of them. However, it was so hot the day Traci got married, that what I remember most about my dress was that it was lightweight enough to keep me from melting in the sun, and that I sent so many blessings to the bride for choosing a design that prevented the bridesmaids from getting heatstroke.

I did not catch the bouquet. Not because, as the bride’s sister-in-law put it, I did not make much of an effort but because I refuse to tussle over it. Since it did not drop into my hands, it was not meant to be mine.

The wedding cake was quite yummy and reminded me of the one Jennifer Lopez had made for her wedding to Marc Anthony and Ben Affleck.

I had a wonderful time, and now I am quite looking forward to Anissa’s weddding over the Labor Day weekend. Weddings are so nice.

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