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Week of August 28, 2006
I flew to Balitmore this weekend for Anissa's wedding. As anticipated, the flight from LAX to BWI was completely uncomfortable. I had such high hopes because I upgraded from Economy to Economy Plus. No such luck.

Either the seats in Economy Plus have gotten smaller or I have gotten wider, despite the weight loss, because at the last minute some broad-shouldered guy sat down next to me and totally took over part of my seating space.

He would not get up when I had to go to the bathroom. I was sitting in the bulkhead so normally this would not have been a problem. However, his legs were long so I fell over him as I was trying to get out the aisle. Fortunately, I had no problem stepping all over him since he was being such an ass.

He also passed gas quite frequently between Los Angeles and Baltimore. I had to stick my head down my shirt more than once with the hope that the scented soap used to wash my body would mask the funk from his farts.

Add this to the fact that I was not able to bring my bottled water, my chapstick or my lotion on board with me. I spent the flight with dry hands, chapped lips, a parched throat, squished body, and a nose constantly assailed by noxious fumes. I was not in the best mood when I landed.

Thank goodness for Hertz. Despite the fact that I was scheduled to pick up a Hyundai Accent or similar car, the reservation agent handed over the keys to a sweet, black Mustang. It's amazing what a funny story and a great smile can get you.

The hotel was nice, and the rates granted to the wedding guests were at a steep discount. I was having a relaxing, pleasant evening until the schmuck next door checked in.

People, when you invite a bunch of friends to kick it with you in your hotel room, please be aware that you make a lot of noise and that opening the windows only lets the other guests hear your noise more clearly. Air is not an effective block against noise.

The schmuck next door did not seem to grasp this basic concept, and I was forced to listen to his loud, ceaseless prattle until the wee hours of the morning. I called downstairs to the front desk not once, not twice, but three times. The third time appeared to be the charm because I could no longer hear him.

I had forgotten how much fun weddings can be when one knows the other guests. Anissa's wedding was an intimate affair. Yet, I knew several of the people in attendance because, like myself, they attended Howard University. I had a great time reminiscing with my "old" college buddies and discussing current topics.

The wedding was quite lovely. I have never seen my friend look so gorgeous, and I am glad I got a chance to meet her husband as well as catch up with my other friends.

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