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Creating some space.

All of the newsletters that were published eletronically are on this page. These are Word documents. If you do not have Word, or a compatible word processing software, you will need the Word Viewer. Click here to download a free copy of Word Viewer 2003.

Newsletters created prior to 1992 were typed on a typewriter and so are not available online.

College Years
February 1992
September 1992
October 1992
April 1993

Detroit Diva
July 1993
October 1993
February 1994
July 1994
April 1995
August 1995

Graduate School
June 1996
July 1996
September 1996
December 1996
March 1997
August 1997

Windy City
July 1999
December 1999
June 2000
February 2001
June 2001
October 2001
June 2002

Wichita Interlude
November 2002

No Place Like Home
April 2006

Special Editions
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
London, UK
Prague and Vienna

Creating some space.

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