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Week of July 24, 2006
Comic-Con was a lot of fun, but it was hardly a relaxing vacation, and it was a bit hard to come back home and have to spend my day off getting my household in shape. When I first graduated from college, I was completely bored when I would get home from work. There was not much to do and lots of time in which to do it. How I wish those days would come again. I do not know how married people with children get it all done. I am single - albeit with some elder care responsibilities - and I barely have time to accomplish it all.

It sucks that I joined over a month ago and yet I have received not one email or one wink. I am not the only fat person on so I canít figure out why I have not gotten more interested. Granted, there are a surprising number of men who categorize themselves as "king-size" and yet want someone svelte.

I joined Yahoo! Dating at the end of March. I have gotten plenty of bites, but it has been slow going. Lotís of guys send an email and never follow-up. Other men send me emails so full of misspellings that I can barely understand what they are saying. Call me a snob, but I need a man who is literate.

I finally have one promising connection this week from a man who says he liked my short hair. Hopefully, this one will pan into something.

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